As the public increasingly looks for unbiased news and different perspectives to get the full story, many struggle to find reputable conservative sources. The average news reader can probably guess Fox News and Breitbart are right-leaning, but neither produces the best-researched, most unbiased news articles among conservative sites. So, what are the best sources for credible conservative news? 

We analyzed 1,000 articles each from 240 news sources from across the political spectrum and then used that data to identify the top sources for conservative news. Here is the breakdown of the top 10 publications based on their average Factual Grade.

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What Is The Factual and How Does It Score Articles?  The Factual identifies the most informative and least opinionated articles from thousands of sources across the political spectrum. It does this by using a consistent and transparent rating algorithm to evaluate which articles are the best-sourced, least-opinionated, and written by topical experts, producing a grade between 0 and 100 for each article. The Factual uses this data to explore trends across the media ecosystem as well as to inform our daily newsletter. To learn more about how we score articles, visit our How It Works page.

Rankings Publication Average Factual Grade
1 Reason Magazine 70.2%
2 Washington Examiner 70.2%
3 National Interest 68.8%
4 Deseret News 67.6%
5 67.3%
6 Conservative Institute 66.6%
7 San Diego Union Tribune 64.5%
8 Wall Street Journal 64.5%
9 Detroit News 64.0%
10 Military Times 64.0%

Top 10 Conservative News Sources

  1. Reason Magazine | Political Bias: Moderate Right | Average Factual Grade: 70.2%
    A monthly American libertarian magazine sporting the motto “Free minds and free markets.”

    Top Article: “55 Percent of Police Killings Are Misclassified as Other Causes of Death” by Elizabeth Nolan Brown (Grade 91%)

  2. Washington Examiner | Political Bias: Moderate Right | Average Factual Grade: 70.2%
    A political news website and weekly magazine with the original goal of being a conservative competitor to the Washington Post.

    Top Article: “Blue cities forge ahead with their own police reforms” by Sarah Westwood (Grade 89%)

  3. National Interest | Political Bias: Moderate Right | Average Factual Grade: 68.2%
    A bimonthly conservative magazine focused on international relations and anchored in realism.

    Top Article: “700 Nuclear Tests: How Russia Sent Cancerous Radiation Everywhere” by Kyle Mizokami (Grade 89%)

  4. Deseret News | Political Bias: Moderate Right | Average Factual Grade: 67.6%
    A newspaper local to Salt Lake City, Utah, and a consistent producer of high-quality national news coverage.

    Top Article: “How Republicans plan to beat ‘Biden Democrats’ and take back Congress” by  D. Hunter Schwarz (Grade 84%)

  5. (Alabama News) | Political Bias: Moderate Right | Average Factual Grade: 69.4%
    Specializing in coverage of Alabama, also produces nation-wide news.

    Top Article: “Voter suppression or election security? Alabama lawmakers squabble over election reforms” by John Sharp (Grade 89%)

  6. Conservative Institute | Political Bias: Right | Average Factual Grade: 66.6%
    A producer of “premium news and analysis from a conservative worldview,” the site seeks to provide quality content to conservative audiences.

    Top Article: “Steve Bannon says he won’t cooperate with January 6 committee” by Adam Peters (Grade 85%)

  7. San Diego Union Tribune | Political Bias: Moderate Right | Average Factual Grade: 64.5%
    The primary paper of San Diego, it offers coverage of southern California as well as the country’s top headlines.

    Top Article: “Mexico’s president looks to upend energy reform measures” by John Sharp by Rob Nikolewski (Grade 83%)

  8. Wall Street Journal | Political Bias: Moderate Right | Average Factual Grade: 64.5%
    One of the largest newspapers by circulation in the U.S., the WSJ also has a global footprint.

    Top Article: “To Prevent the Next Pandemic, Scientists Seek One Vaccine for Many Coronaviruses” by Betsy McKay (Grade 82%)

  9. Detroit News | Political Bias: Moderate Right | Average Factual Grade: 64.0%
    Detroit News offers local coverage of Michigan in addition to the country’s top headlines.

    Top Article: “Bipartisan House group endorses Biden-Senate infrastructure deal” by Riley Beggin and Melissa Nann Burke (Grade 81%)

  10. Military Times | Political Bias: Moderate Right | Average Factual Grade: 64.0%
    A news source focused on informing service members at home and deployed around the world.

    Top Article: “How to hold an extremism stand-down” by Howard Altman and Meghann Myers (Grade 84%)

To put these scores into perspective, the average for all 240 news sources analyzed by The Factual was about 62.0%, meaning these 10 sources all score above average.


We hope that by gaining access to quality news across the political spectrum, you can make better-informed decisions, whether it be in regards to masks, vaccines, or even what to do in a polling booth. Considering perspectives that both align with and diverge from your own is a necessary step to understanding the multifaceted nature of many issues in the news today. In a polarized world, society needs readers like you to pave the way for a common middle ground.

Finally, we know that finding multiple credible perspectives on every topic, every day, can be exhausting. That’s why The Factual applies its algorithm to over 10,000+ articles published every day to uncover the most credible stories across the political spectrum, curating the best articles in our daily newsletter (subscribe here). You can also see articles graded and grouped by topics or political bias on our news site.

This blog was updated with new data on December 6, 2021.

Appendix I

Here are the top 25 conservative sites in this analysis, along with their average Factual Grade.

Publisher Average Factual Grade Political Bias
1 Reason Magazine 70.2% Moderate Right
2 Washington Examiner 70.2% Moderate Right
3 National Interest 68.8% Moderate Right
4 Deseret News 67.6% Moderate Right
5 67.3% Moderate Right
6 Conservative Institute 66.6% Right
7 San Diego Union Tribune 64.5% Moderate Right
8 Wall Street Journal 64.5% Moderate Right
9 Detroit News 64.0% Moderate Right
10 Military Times 64.0% Moderate Right
11 National Review 63.4% Right
12 Dallas Morning News 63.4% Moderate Right
13 Real Clear Politics 62.9% Moderate Right
14 Orlando Sentinel 62.0% Moderate Right
15 Chicago Tribune 61.3% Moderate Right
16 Oregonian 60.8% Moderate Right
17 Christianity Today 60.7% Moderate Right
18 Orange County Register 60.4% Moderate Right
19 Washington Times 59.7% Moderate Right
20 Daily Herald 59.7% Moderate Right
21 American Conservative 56.9% Moderate Right
22 Breitbart 54.3% Right
23 Fox News 53.6% Right
24 Western Journal 53.5% Right
25 Daily Wire 53.4% Right

Note: The Factual does not always capture all publication output for each news site. The scores presented only reflect the articles that we’ve analyzed. Some sites, such as the Wall Street Journal, are only partially accessible to our algorithm.