Every day, 100 million people search for news on Google. But the experience is frustrating.

You get endless results without any sense for which stories are most credible and informative. On divisive topics, it may feel like you’re only seeing one side of the story. And when you finally find something you want to read, you often encounter an annoying paywall.

Today, The Factual is announcing a better way to search for news.

When you search for news at The Factual, you see results with all the context that is lacking on Google.

Useful search results with multiple credible viewpoints across the political spectrum.

Every article is graded for how informative and opinionated it is by The Factual’s AI — in a transparent manner so you can understand why that story is being suggested. And unlike Google, the grading prioritizes expertise instead of popularity.

Every article has political bias ratings so that you can understand how a story may be framed and can easily see multiple perspectives across the political spectrum. 

It also lets you easily identify paywalled articles, or even filter them out, so that when you choose to click on a story you can read it without any friction.

Easily filter out paywalled articles and find different viewpoints

Finally, because The Factual’s search is free and has zero advertising, the only goal is to inform you as quick as possible. So, to start feeling better about the news, go to factual.news today.

Ps: if you’d like to send feedback, please do so on Product Hunt where we are featured today!

Published by Arjun Moorthy

Arjun is co-founder and CEO of The Factual. Arjun has always been passionate about news from when he was a paperboy in middle school through becoming Editor-in-chief of The Stanford Reporter. Outside of work, Arjun spends much of his time with his family, dog, and praying for the Arsenal football team to have a winning season.