Is USA Today Reliable?

One of the largest U.S. national publishers, USA Today provides in-depth coverage of everything from technology, economy, and politics to celebrity gossip and entertainment news. The newspaper broke with its tradition of not endorsing presidential candidates in 2016 by issuing an “anti-endorsement” for Donald Trump, a move they linked to an editorial obligation to their late founder. In the years since, bias has become an ever more important topic as people seek credible, unbiased news. With this background, The Factual wanted to ask two questions, how factual is USA Today and how biased is it?

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Gerrymandering and the Problems with American Redistricting

Gerrymandering is one of those classic American problems — alongside high prescription drug prices or overpaying for medical care — on which most Americans agree but little progress seems to be made. In two-thirds of U.S. states, elected politicians get to redraw the boundaries of political districts, often for political benefit, despite the practice being highly unpopular among everyday Americans. In a poll by The Factual of 573 readers, 88% said that redistricting should be handled by independent commissions rather than elected officials, thereby limiting the ability of state legislatures to alter district boundaries for political gain. At the national level, polls in 2017 and 2019 showed that more than 70% of voters from all parties agreed the Supreme Court should limit the practice. 

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How Reliable Is Al Jazeera?

Al Jazeera stands out on the international stage as one of few popular, non-Western English-language news organizations. Since its founding in 1996, it has catered to Arabic audiences as well as an ever-growing international audience. However, its reporting has not been without controversy, not least because of its close relationship with the Qatari government. This leads The Factual to ask two questions: how reliable is Al Jazeera and how biased is its coverage?

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Is BBC Unbiased?

The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) is the world’s oldest national broadcaster and the largest by number of employees. It has published award-winning documentaries, broadcasts in 28 different languages, and offers comprehensive radio, TV, and online services. It is no surprise that such a large footprint and storied history faces some criticism. To explore BBC’s reputation, The Factual asked two questions: how Factual is BBC and how biased is it?

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Is the LA Times Reliable?

The LA Times is a leading voice for news across the LA Metropolitan Area with many notable achievements, including 47 Pulitzer Prize awards, 1.3 million daily readers, and 27 million monthly website visits, which also gives it a national profile. At times, however, the newspaper receives criticism for having a liberal bias. This leads The Factual to ask two questions: how credible is the LA Times, and how biased is its coverage? 

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Is Reason Magazine Reliable?

From a Boston University dorm room to a defender and publisher of libertarian philosophy, Reason proposes solutions to partisan politics. Its core tenet — “free minds, free markets” — supplies principled arguments on a range of issues. Depending on who you ask, this reliance either powers transparent journalism or is ideological to a fault. Against this backdrop, The Factual asked two questions: how factual is Reason Magazine, and how biased is it?

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Is Facebook Bad?

Revelations from whistleblowers this year paint a picture of Facebook as a global tech giant that is growing rapidly but failing to acknowledge or address a host of negative impacts from its platforms. The company has reportedly failed to mitigate disinformation, including related to Covid-19, the 2020 U.S. presidential election, and other events abroad, and has knowingly suppressed information that could be harmful to the company’s bottom line.

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Does The Factual Have a Left-Leaning Bias?

Regular readers of The Factual’s daily newsletter may have noticed that left-leaning sources are ranked as the top-rated article on a topic more often than right-leaning sources. Does this suggest The Factual has a left-leaning bias?

While we’ve explored this issue twice before, this post explains why this pattern happens and how The Factual’s ratings and curation system delivers unbiased news.  The Factual algorithm automatically rates individual articles based on four factors: 

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The Worst Covid-19 News Sources of 2020

How does the Covid-19 virus work? Which preventative actions should I follow to keep loved ones safe? When will the pandemic end? These are the sorts of questions many people sought answers for over the last year, and journalists worked tirelessly to supply the truth. Last week, The Factual looked at which outlets produced the best, most well-researched journalism over 2020 — now we want to look at which news outlets didn’t so well.

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What Are the Most Credible Liberal News Sources?

When you hear left-leaning news, you may think CNN, The New York Times, or The Washington Post. While these large media sources produce a large volume of stories, are they actually the most credible left-leaning sources?

In an increasingly saturated and liberal-leaning news space, readers are faced with the challenge of cutting through the noise and simultaneously forming their own opinions. With over 320 left-leaning news outlets, parsing through that amount of information seems a nearly impossible task.

To make the search for credible news easier, we used our algorithm to find the highest-ranking liberal news sites, to follow up from our previous analysis of the highest-ranking conservative news sites.

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