How Biased and Factual Are Major U.S. News Sources?

Some of the simplest questions about the news can be hard to answer. Does CNN produce reliable news? Can Fox News be trusted? How biased is the New York Times?

Ideally, we wouldn’t need to ask these questions, but a highly polarized political environment and an incessant drive for ad revenue have seen the bias of many news sources increase in the last decade. 

Asking for completely unbiased news is a fool’s errand — bias is firmly a part of our world. The best we can do is to know and understand bias, read widely, and prioritize sources that consistently provide highly factual, objective news.

This week, The Factual investigated how factual and biased six key news sources are. These articles form part of an ongoing series looking at data across the media ecosystem.

Published by Phillip Meylan

Phillip is a writer, researcher, and editor. He is a contributor to FP Analytics, Foreign Policy's research and advisory division, and an adjuct fellow with the Center for Strategic and International Studies. During Covid-19, he has spent time enjoying the great outdoors, reading, and watching soccer.