Is The Guardian Reliable?

The Guardian was founded in 1821 in response to the Peterloo Massacre—a peaceful protest for suffrage rights that tragically escalated into violence. It is a self-owned company and by constitution vows to remain true to its origins, independent of any outside corporate or political influence. For years, the publication has been the primary news source in support of the liberal interest in the United Kingdom, generally offering mainstream left-wing opinions. However, The Guardian admits it has not always been on the right side of history. So, just how reliable is The Guardian?

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Is FiveThirtyEight Reliable?

Founded in March of 2008 by baseball analyst Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight originally began as a polling aggregator, its name derived from the number of electors in the U.S. electoral college. Well known for its election predictions, it successfully predicted the outcomes of both presidential races in 2008 and 2012. Silver pioneered unique methods incorporating statistics and demographic data not used before. As the organization grew, it would go on to receive many awards as its focus broadened under the rubric of data journalism, but it received significant flak in 2016 and 2020 for projections that significantly diverged from electoral results. Today, over half of Americans indicate they are skeptical of polling. Given this mixed reputation, how reliable is FiveThirtyEight?

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Is HuffPost a Reliable News Source?

HuffPost, formerly known as the Huffington Post, is an online news aggregator and blog that offers coverage on a range of topics from politics and business to technology, popular media, and culture. Promising a “people-first approach,” the site gained prominence collecting articles from independent bloggers working in political journalism. Due to the website’s inherently populistic nature and its series of recent acquisitions by media conglomerates such as AOL, Verizon, and Buzzfeed, the integrity and accountability of HuffPost come into question. So just how reliable is HuffPost?

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The Best Local News Sources

Sometimes we don’t need to hear the latest news from Capitol Hill or from the other side of the world. Sometimes we just need the latest news from our city, our county, or our region. Local news sources and journalists have the context and familiarity that is critical for understanding how events really impact citizens, be it in downtown New York, in the Midwest, in sunny California, or in the Deep South.

Many local news organizations have been suffering for decades as media concentrates under conglomerates, internet-based media squeezes the market, and small papers die out. Amid these challenges, some local news publications have adapted their models to changing times, picked up new platforms and strategies for reaching customers, and carry on delivering much-needed local insights on the latest stories. So, which local news sites stand out today as the best sources for informative, unbiased journalism?

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Is SFGate Liberal? 

Before SFGate’s sale to Hearst Communications in 2000, its role as the West Coast’s newsroom aggregator represented a legacy of century-old news dynasties. In pop culture, San Francisco represents the spirit of Silicon Valley and is celebrated as the home of progressive politics, so much so that conservative commentators coined the term “San Francisco values.” So, how biased and factual is SFGate?

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Is the Daily Caller Reliable?

The Daily Caller is a for-profit news organization established in 2010 by conservative media personality Tucker Carlson. Surprisingly, the site does not employ a single journalist in its news coverage. This is because that work is done through a non-profit called the Daily Caller News Foundation, which distributes its news product to 250+ publishers free of charge. The organization invited controversy after accusations that it exploits a legal loophole to avoid taxes generated by its for-profit affiliate. Given the site’s controversial background, how biased and factual is the Daily Caller?

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Is The Atlantic Liberal?

The Atlantic is an American magazine and multi-platform publisher based in Washington, D.C. Initially published in Boston during 1857 as The Atlantic Monthly, the literary and cultural magazine highlighted contemporary sensibilities of leading writers and their commentary on education, the abolition of slavery, and other major political issues of the time. Since then, the periodical has grown an internationally lauded reputation and has won more National Magazine Awards than any other monthly magazine. However, despite often being regarded as a high-quality review organ, The Atlantic has also come under fire for an unbalanced bias. So, just how reliable is The Atlantic?

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Is CBS News Biased? 

CBS News is best known for its news broadcasting and high-quality reporting in online digital media. It has gained immense popularity across the United States as the news branch of CBS television and radio network. CBS Corporation combines over 90 years in the media, but its classification as “mainstream” means the site still receives criticism. So, how factual and biased in CBS News?

Note: The Factual’s analysis is specific to online news stories, not TV or other media coverage.

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Is the Daily Beast Biased? 

The Daily Beast is an American news website focused on delivering independent journalism across politics, pop culture, and power. Founded in 2008, the Daily Beast currently brings in a daily readership of over 1 million to their website, but it has been notably characterized as a “high-end tabloid” by their former editor-in-chief. So, how biased and reliable is the Daily Beast’s content?

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Is Breitbart Credible?

Breitbart’s own biography describes maxims like the “free open exchange of ideas” and “unwavering commitment to America” as integral to its journalistic mission. Its monthly viewership of 23 million visitors is comparable to The Hill or twice the size of MSNBC’s audience. While Breitbart brags about its media presence across radio, web, and social media, its reporting leaves some readers wanting. Given the criticism of its 2016 news coverage and the subsequent cancellation by many major advertisers in 2017, The Factual asks: how biased and factual is Breitbart? 

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