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The news experience is frustrating.

News outlets that were respected in the past are now increasingly partisan and biased. That’s led to thousands of new sources but it’s hard to know which ones to trust.

And when you finally find an article you want to read you’re often forced to buy a full subscription just to read that one article.

We love reading the news and the above frustrating experience is one we encounter daily.

So we decided to apply our skills gained at Stanford, IIT Madras, and Waterloo to solve this problem close to our hearts and help the world love reading news again.

We believe that best news enlightens us, brings us together, and improves our communities.

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Our team, from across the United States, is working to restore trust in the news. We represent diverse backgrounds and political orientations with the goal of fostering discussion and empathy.

Sarah Perry



As a proud Air Force spouse, Sarah's had the opportunity to travel and work in marketing in St. Louis, MO, public affairs as an editor for a university in rural Mississippi, and advertising at The Great Falls Tribune in Montana. After a 9-year professional work hiatus to focus on her family, Sarah began assisting The Factual. She's also a yoga teacher and a mom to two girls.

Teri Bates


New Jersey

Teri Bates is a retired middle school guidance counselor. She shares her life and love with Dave, her husband of 40+ years, sons David and Kevin, GOAT domestic partners Meg and Katie, retired racing greyhound Clint Eastwood, and grandchildren Jack and Maggie. It’s a well-known fact that Jack and Maggie, like all grandchildren, are the sweetest, cutest, smartest, most exceptional little people in the history of the cosmos.