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The Factual?

Everything in the news is politicized today. Science, education, even sports! If you don’t identify as strictly liberal or conservative, where can you get the complete story?

The Factual automatically analyzes how informative a story is, based on diversity of sources, factual tone of writing, author's expertise, and more.

  • Get facts, not opinions.
  • See multiple perspectives, across the political spectrum.
  • Have useful discussions, without flame wars or echo chambers.

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"The Factual does what it says. It tells the primary news stories in a way that leaves the chaff behind."
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"I hate being distracted by the news cycle. I wanted to read critical news once a day and be aware of the bias inherent in all reporting. Boom, the Factual. I have sanity, mental health, and awareness of critical issues with a 15 minute morning email and read. Thanks."

The Factual

We love to read the news. But in the age of clickbait and biased news, we lost confidence in which stories and sources to trust.

So we decided to apply what we learned at Stanford and IIT Madras to restore faith in the news.

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"I really enjoy this app. Reading stories from multiple perspectives helps me use critical thinking to arrive at my own conclusion instead of being manipulated."

"When it comes to my news source, I want it all: accuracy, objectivity, transparency, truthfulness, accountability, fairness, affordability, and civility. The Factual exceeded every expectation."

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